Stories Behind Stories!!

Stories Behind Stories

Everyone has a unique Story to tell, despite of the fact that , stories are just mere imagination or illusions , we prefer to hear to gear up our thought process and creative ability ….But the Question ? is what makes us to tell a tale ,that we never have seen anywhere, but striked our mind to create a new one ….We live in a worldy place where we are surrounded with numerous stories, that too have backstaged stories ….If we observe each person who is living has a tale of his own ..Just the difference is ,if he succeeds in doing or creating something inevitable or something that has never been seen before Then everyone will willingly read about his tale(Story) of uniqueness, And will be eager to find out what actually has he done that attracted the attention of millions of eyes on his/her story …..

This is a living truth that in order to seek attention one needs to do something that has never done or seen before …One has to be some utterly different , so that the eyes of the others can be laid on ones Art Work …But what’s the use of all this like Seeking attention, Doing anything Great , Being a role model , Being soo honored….

What if everyone leads a normal life , like with anyone noticing them , just as passersby or an ordinary person who lived across the street and do things on his/her own …..Today we are filled with the ocean of stories, fables , myths , facts etc…Why because some left their unfinished work to get it finished …Time doesn’t stop for anyone, Time changes ,Person changes , Generation changes ..What’s left with us ! Just their tales to listen and react upon ….

We share the same sky , same air , same sun and moon , same water and same atmosphere…Yet we always write about something which hasn’t seen before by anyone but experienced by special only ….…Never Just judge a book by it’s cover only maybe that’s just a mere overlook or overview of the the long tale …what’s Inside is just known to the one to diggs the deep inside hidden meaning , for Why this tale has been written ….

Find the answer to Why The Writer Has Written This story for readers? …..And not just focus on the written Try to gather yourselves and diggin inside the words writer or storyteller has used …Somewhere You will find The Actual purpose of Carving that Story !!

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