World Within You…

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Imagine your own world…..

When you live your life , you live it in two ways, i.e , the person that is appearing in front of others and the one which is inside you …. It is said that when you battle with the outside world , more than that you battle with yourself ….This is quiet right that most of the time we speak to ourselves ,Some call it as intelligence , while some call it as a mental disorder …..Say , how can a person talk to itself …it’s more appropriate rather weird …..Well , in my opinion this happens when someone is not able to share their thoughts with anyone , not even with your family , friends , or any person…..

Well this is a sought of self healing process , As when one speaks to oneself it’s a kind of giving self satisfaction ……Because when this happens , it gives you immense happiness and a kind of stability within you …

When we watch any series or a movie , while watching we start to relate it to ourselves and starts to give opinion on how one should react in that situation …..So Why this happens , because of the world that is establish within us , This is a small world we create within us to satisfy us when someone does not agrees or is dissatisfied from you ……

This is not a kind of philosophy , more than that it’s a fact that “IF NOT ALL, THEN SOME” will definitely have this kind of small fantastical world within oneself ……

Random Thoughts…..

Random Thoughts……

PLACES DO MATTER WHILE WE THINK ABOUT SOMETHING , BECAUSE THAT VERY PLACE GIVES US REASON TO THINK AND MAKE SOME MEMORIES ABOUT IT ….BUT CAN’T WE BE ABLE TO MANAGE TO CONTROL OUR THOUGHTS (PRETENTIOUS)……Like sometimes we do have to pretend like we don’t have any memory of that very place but we do have …..Sometimes , memories collaboration happens like , imagine we are sitting at a place and Another person is also there but we the same memory related to his/her past and This got a partner to share your thoughts on it and help you to heal more quickly ….Isn’t it great !!!!

Memory is really something an incredible tool or can say a function with us to explore , Some use the help of psychiatrist to help regain the memories from past , some do meditation to concentrate or some use other means to get a meaning of life …. If these are not what we called it as thoughts then what is it ???? Question here arises that why do people want to have such experiences in their lives , as if they have nothing more to do with their lives , other than to dig out past … There are more meaningful tasks to do here , but why does only this thing ???


People talk about random thoughts , but how many of them take it seriously …

Choosing a topic each day to debate on the way to improvise your thoughts , ideas , brainstorm and do some productive …..

Lines by writer.

Itself says alot….

These lines make complete sense in it’s own……
That actually things never turn out to be the way we want them to…Just don’t let it be over , there’s always a word TRY ,never let this word off your vocabulary because it isn’t just a word it’s a hope where you are compelled to make attempts …..
Breaking down and rebuilding is not an easy task as we think , it takes a lot sort of pain , memories carrying with it ..The one who passes it wins but the one who wasn’t able to gather enough strength will be seen itself in hell situations , which will not look as good as it is…….. ..
Life is both The Road and The Vehicle, on which we travels our throughout journey gathering a lot fond and sour memories, sweet and broken relationships and alot more but this will always lead us to a destination not the one we actually desired but to the one we actually needed…so it’s not to focus on the destination, it’s you who is deciding how you wanna make your journey be like ……In this world nothing is permanent all are illusions and just a mind play we are watching what are we desired of , but to some extent only .. afterwards you’ve gonna meet with your real face The real you, where you will see what you’ve done and what should be done …That time there will be no back ..You will have to face it with enough sincerity, courage and strength, that time will make you realise that desires are not the only one we actually needed ,it’s about alot more than that…..Life is like a Mission we have stages to crawl up defeating our greatest fears of all time , battling for near good future and expecting to be the real one in the world……

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Ability to imagine a character

Hallucination is basically the ability or tendency to imagine a random or known character out of nowhere which actually does not exits… Psychologists consider it as a kind of disorder ..In this type of situation , people usually imagines a character which either resemble their bad past or something they create on their own … Which is obviously not right …Even the story writers , novel writers limit their imaginations to their mind and copy that on a piece of paper , but when a person gets deeply involved or not being able to give up his past , At that time he develops a kind of character which resembles him and started to help himself as in form of hallucinated character in any form he can….A week mind is not healthy enough to think and function properly but the little emotional help and support can help someone to overcome his illness, Because sometimes kind help works more effectively than any prescribed medicine ….

That is not it , even sometimes people imagined not just characters of their’s but also they imagined some new characters out of the story , like they think to help someone in need desperately and in act to that end up harming themselves more severely . But what’s the solution , Why do people have such tendencies to create such characters , What sort of things came up to their mind , that make them to trap themselves in such type of disorders …. Another aspect of hallucinations say that ,  Hallucinations can be a feature of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and are also very common in drug-induced states and in drug withdrawal …

 It is a perception in the absence of external stimulus that has qualities of real perception. Hallucinations are vivid, substantial, and are perceived to be located in external objective space. They are distinguishable from several related phenomena, such as dreaming, which does not involve wakefulness; pseudohallucination, which does not mimic real perception, and is accurately perceived as unreal; illusion, which involves distorted or misinterpreted real perception; and imagery (imagination), which does not mimic real perception and is under voluntary control. A mild form of hallucination is known as a disturbance, and can occur in most of the senses above. These may be things like seeing movement in peripheral vision, or hearing faint noises or voices. Auditory hallucinations are very common in schizophrenia. They may be benevolent (telling the subject good things about themselves) or malicious, cursing the subject, etc. Auditory hallucinations of the malicious type are frequently heard, for example people talking about the subject behind their back. Like auditory hallucinations, the source of the visual counterpart can also be behind the subject’s back. Their visual counterpart is the feeling of being looked or stared at, usually with malicious intent. Frequently, auditory hallucinations and their visual counterpart are experienced by the subject together.

Hearing voices in the mind is the most common type of hallucination in people with mental health conditions such as schizophrenia. The voices can be critical, complimentary or neutral, and may make potentially harmful commands or engage the person in conversation. They may give a running commentary on the person’s actions.

The experience is usually very distressing, but it’s not always negative. Some people who hear voices are able to live with them and get used to them, or may consider them a part of their life. 

It’s not uncommon for recently bereaved people to hear voices, and this may sometimes be the voice of their loved one.

Hallucinations can sometimes occur in children who are ill with a fever. Call your GP if your child is unwell with a body temperature of 38C or above and you think they’re hallucinating.

In the meantime, stay calm, keep your child cool and reassure them. Encourage them to drink plenty of fluids and give them paracetamol or ibuprofen (always read the patient information leaflet to find out the correct dose and frequency for your child’s age, and check they’re not allergic to medicines you give). The hallucinations should pass after a few minutes.

That’s all , I hope you find this blog informative and surly send in your suggestions for more content…

Childishness Of Adulthood ..

Childishness Of Adulthood….

We go through many stages throughout our lifetime. Infacy , early childhood, middle childhood, later childhood, adulthood, adolescence..But in every stage we learn to be more mature and being responsible ..Is it necessary to not to commit any foolishness during that period of time…I don’t think so , as all learn from their mistakes and past happenings …..seeing what kind of environment we brought up ,we try harder to keep ourselves in shells ,as in to keep ourselves away from any kind of trouble, mess, or whatsoever threats that can happen with us, but these stages won’t let us stay away from these things for longer time, We have to face our miseries, try to solve problems and have to gain every kind of experience we can gain…Running away is not the solution, instead face it with enough maturity, show your skills and tell people that know you’re grownup..And can handle any issue with ease, life will simply start to get normal towards you and this will only make you more stronger….

Speaking of which, foolishness is some kind of mistake we say as the wrong doing we had done in past because of which we have to regret in present and future….But the act done at that time was in childishness and innocency ,no other intentions were intended at that time, However we try much hard to get rid of that incident, we end up engaging ourselves in more chaotic situation and will eventually lead us to make more mistakes just because of that indecent act we performed earlier..Correcting mistakes often resulted good for most of the time ,but it’s not usually appropriate to commit the same for the repeated times and calling it as a senseless act done in vain….Don’t cover your mistakes ask for help if needed ,However , we are humans having human mind filled with millions of thoughts, pain, thinking and all that prevail in just a 10 pound piece we call it as Brain….Feeling like you don’t need anyone doesn’t make you look self reliant person but will show you more of a weak person who is not capable enough to monitor and carry itself…..Carrying on with normal life isn’t a easy task but if one tries ,what can’t he achieve in this world…..

Life Is Short..Isn’t It!!!


Life is too short to hold grudges , as it can only lead to make life more miserable to self only.. Expecting others to make a guess about what you are thinking is just a waste of effort , it’s better to confront and accept …These few past months has already taught us the importance of life , we took the life for granted and it taught us a lesson how to give importance to it and value what we have with us . It’s not something like we hadn’t known , but we all are well aware of our situations these days …Isn’t It!!!

Life is all about spending countless hours , minutes , seconds doing what we love , but is limited to live for what we actually took birth for… Every day we spent ,we don’t know when someone is holding grudge or revenge against you, I still don’t get it why human hates human, we know that each individual is not same , All has some flaws ..No one is prefect , but can try to become one ..Every minute we try to become better and learn how to live life with new expectations and least past doings , but present and future somehow , at some point , make us stand to a place where we had to remember the past and regret….Let Bygones Be Bygones ….Whats gone was past , whats with us now is present and what will be with us is future, Can’t we try to let go and move on and try to make fresh start , Life gives us perks in the form of happiness and success, so that we can never look back or hold back but to make new memories and plan to make future more successful and more bright …

Never expect anyone to make random guess about you , it can only lead to misunderstandings and misconceptions .. It’s always better to take initiative and make a step . Mind can play games with you but heart will always show the soft side of the hardest …No matter what …It still depend on us how we take it ….Speaking of which, in a story when one partner leaves the other one for each other’s sake , does it really look that way , NO ….It shows lack of trust when someone in love call off their relationship just because they have misunderstanding or thinking that this might be the right way so that the other could live peacefully, That’ s not like the situation to be count in… They just don’t know about each other , and when someone lacks identity , trust, honesty…. Then it’s better to call it off by giving useless and meaningless excuses and leave and not to show up ever again….


What Made Me To Write ….

A person writes not because he has to become a writer , but because his emotions speaks to him to write his feelings , to draw his imagination beautifully in form of writings …And some proved this thing by quoting poems, fictions non-fiction , prose….When a person is happy , sad or feel loneliness , he writes …Because while writing we talk to ourselves , brain and heart gives the answer of the questions we ask to ourselves…..

Today , I’m going to share what made me to write blogs……This all started when I was in school..Especially it all started after 9th grade ..I suddenly developed a huge interest in English and i often went to library after school and search books which could give me stories that are invincible , i was fond of reading books which was packed with stories , poems, prose and much more …..Then as we all know that , grade 10 to grade 12 requires answers in our own language with briefing and in length , so what i used to do was just had a deep reading of the chapter and and created a storyboard in mind which helped me writing answers with ease ….Similar pattern i followed for novels and for other subjects….Because i believed that rote memorization is not the way or solution ..If we write our own views or our own imagination it will benefit a lot ..And it did at least in my case ….Soon with this technique i scored about 90 in 12th grade ….After that when i stepped into teaching profession i realized how much a teacher has to create content for his/her students and that require a lot of research work , field knowledge , practical experience….and a lot more …So when i started teaching i explored many angles and set an agenda that everyday i will give knowledge as well as take knowledge , however we know that a teacher has to be fully packed with knowledge so to give valuable content to his/her students but school is a place where we learn everyday new skills and new things and we grow everyday……

What actually made me write content is my thoughts and thinking which grows everyday whenever i saw anything or think …I was so into things that i started creating stories and started to see everything with a different perspective ., main thing is now i try to find story behind everything ….It made me so curious about existence of things , the origin, their existence and everything about it …AND i decided to share my saga’s with all you people.. Each day i read blogs of different people and gets to know how other think about a specific topic , try to know what perspective they hold behind writing the content ,and gets inspired to write more and explore …This is just my starting phase ,I recently wrote my first STORY ,Walk Down Youth Lane …It has 4 parts…. I have put my imagination and creativeness into this story and tries that whoever reads can create an imagination in his/her mind of my story and I believe you support will be my strength in writing……

So this was my story on What made me write blogs ….share your views through comments and like if it makes you feel real…..

Also share topics on which you want me to write and i will surely make your recommendation as priority….Good luck and have a nice life ……. #book-blog #book-meme

Walk Down Youth Lane… Destiny played it’s role…..

Knowing that they both will not be able to see each other for next 4-5 days , Tristan and Esme left library together . Both were equally upset but still unaware about their feelings for each other .. Esme on one hand wants to stop Tristan and ask why he will not be able to meet but don’t know what was stopping her …On the other hand Tristan who has recently developed his feelings and concern for Esme , wants to stay with her a little longer …. But there always a saying that, ‘ WHEN TWO PEOPLE MEET ,THEY HAVE TO DRIFT APART FOR ONCE TO MEET EACH OTHER AGAIN WITH MORE MATURE LOVE’……Since Tristan and Esme are both on the journey to find ,if they are compatible or not , to know how they feel about each other ,This is the much needed time for both of them… After they went apart both of their lives went back to normal as they were before their meet .. But their came only one change , They now have started to think about each other and use to miss alot …This all happens only after a short duration of their meet ,but still has the desire to see each other again.. Destiny has drift them apart And Now Destiny will unite them each other once again…..This last year of both of their school, has provided them blooming period of their lives .. They will experience sorrow, regret, happiness , sadness, every phase that will come their way … But will have to wait untill the right time approaches them…

Esme use to see her register pen used by Tristan to remember him ,and thinks that if her feelings are sincere then he will probably come back for her no matter what…She didn’t receive any information about him for several days but still was holding hope ….Finally year end exams approached and ended in a blink , but he didn’t came , she now has concluded that now he will not come for her anymore and her feelings were one sided only , upset Esme went back to her dorm to pack her things up ,as her schooling was over and it’s time to enter college life , forgetting past happenings and feelings …..

Esme now a college girl started over again making new friends and enjoying her life ..Suddenly one evening when she was about to leave for hostel ,A shadow appeared in front of her , she headed up and was shocked to see her high school love Tristan …She doesn’t know what to say or ask ,but she stands still like a statue .. She knows that she had a lot to ask to him but don’t know where to start ….Tristan start the conversation saying,’Hi How Are You , It’s Been A Long Time’..Esme come to her sense and said ,’ Yes , It’s Really Too Long ‘ ..She didn’t ask him about his whereabouts and went away saying that she needs to go .. Tristan somewhere knows about the reason of this indifference….Esme reaches her hostel and silently cried happy tears for seeing him again .. Because she somewhere knows that one day she will meet him …. But a lot of questions were also taking place in her heart about him being away for this long time … For the time being she sink in the feeling of seeing him and gets satisfied of being him near her …..Next day in college was going to bring a lot in the life of both Tristan and Esme ..As they both knew that they have to face each other …..Later at the college they bump into each other and were clueless to what to ask or say….Tristan asked her to accompany him to canteen for coffee , she nodded and they both went to canteen ..There Tristan tries to say why he lied to her about not being able to meet for 5 days but for the entire session .. But Esme interrupted him and asked him about his course in which he got admission ,But this time Tristan was too adamant about talking to her will full sincerity and stopped her saying ,’ LET ME FINISH FIRST ‘ she stopped and ask him to continue …He started telling her what happened from the last day when they both left the library…. She stopped Tristan for a second and asked him just to tell her the truth …He started his clarification….He told Esme that he was a scholarship student and was preparing to go to abroad for further studies , the day when they saw each other for the last time , next day was his exam which could take him close to his dream of being studying abroad and it happened also , he got the scholarship with good benefits and left for U.S….But the whole time he regretted one thing the most , was that of not seeing Esme for the last time ….This pinched him alot even when he reached U.S. He was not having any source of contacting her and tell what happened …From that time till now he just wanted to see her and confess his true feelings to her . But now Esme was in anger and told him that , ‘NOW IT’S TOO LATE ‘…Tristan knows that she likes him too but will not confess now, as she is upset from him and he is willing to make it to her ,no matter what , how much time it takes to confess it to him….She left and Tristan gets upset too but he was assure of one thing that he will pursue her at any cost….Ultimately Tristan had a time limit as he also has to get back to U.S. ,as he came here on his vacation and has to pursue her to confess to him in limited time he has with him…It was like a challenge for him, but was willing to do anything to get her back….Now his mission starts ……Soon college was going to hold it’s 50 year anniversary celebration and alot of events were going to held in celebration ….Esme has also taken part in some event and was preparing for but was also thinking about Tristan being around her ..Fortunately ,Tristan was college’s trustee’s son so his father invited him to the college and ask him to present something in U.S. style event to compliment the college with variety of events .. This was a big opportunity for him to stay close to Esme , as he was in-charge for events ….He got to know about the event , Esme has taken part in and join that group too … Esme didn’t know about this recruit in her group and rehearse for the event , when she got to know that the role she was going to play opposite was her main lead no other then Tristan .. She left the rehearse room… Tristan ran after her and apologized and said that he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable and ask her that if she want, he will leave the event , she got more agitated and said she bears no more affection for him and it doesn’t matter to her whether he stays or leave … she got back and started rehearsing for the event .. As her group decided to go for Romeo and Juliet play , so Esme and Tristan were main leads because of their perfect personalities and character behavior …..Tristan got even more close to Esme and between her play he start to make things up for Esme as Tristan genuinely wants Esme by his side …During the play Esme’s reaction towards Tristan goes on ease each time he does something special for her , She decided to forgive Tristan and one day she messaged him to meet her in the college auditorium after the play …Tristan was happy and head over heals , thinking that finally she messaged him after so many attempts ….. Finally the day for college’s anniversary and their meet came….Both were so happy that now all of their misunderstanding got erased and now can confess to each other ,their true feelings…Play was in the evening and their play was listed to the last performance … Their performance turn was about to come and everyone was preparing for their roles in green room …Tristan was looking for Esme and bumped into one his friend ….He asked tristan the reason about his happiness and smile ,He told him that today finally Esme is going to confess him and he is so much excited to meet her after play.. His friend supported him and stated,’ I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TO FINALLY FOUND YOUR ONE AND ONLY HIGH SCHOOL LOVE AND HE SHOULD DO THIS FAST AS HE ALSO HAS TO LEAVE FOR U.S. ‘ ….This whole conversation was listened by Esme and she again left in tears knowing that again tristan is going to leave her and not mentioning about his return to U.S. before ..Tristan suddenly saw Esme running out of the hall and went after her … He tried stop her but she ignored him and kept running ….He ran faster and grabs her hand and stopped her ..He saw her crying and asked the reason , she angrily answered him saying ,’ YOU LIED TO ME , YOU ARE AGAING GOING TO LEAVE ME AND DIDN’T EVEN NOTIFY ME ABOUT YOU LEAVING FOR U.S. ‘ Tristan asked , who said this to you , She replied ,’I LISTENED YOUR CONVERSATION WITH YOUR FRIEND IN GREEN ROOM ‘ He calm down her and ask her to listen to him.. But she was not ready to listen him… He grabbed her hands and then confessed to her stating.’ I LOVE YOU , NOT FROM NOW BUT FROM HIGH SCHOOL, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHOM I LOVED THE MOST AND WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE , I ONLY COME BACK FOR YOU , FOR APOLOGIZING TO YOU, FOR LEAVING YOU BEHIND WHEN YOU NEEDED ME THE MOST ‘ ..She calm down and listened to him …He continues saying that , YES I HAVE TO RETURN BUT NOT WITH THE GUILT OF NOT CONFESSING TO YOU , BUT WITH THE BLISSFUL MOMENTS I ENJOYED WITH YOU …WHEN I LEFT YOU AT THE SCHOOL LIBRARY, AND WENT ABROAD I TRIED EVERYTHING TO REACH YOU BUT FAILED EVERYTHING ….My restlessness made me bring to you once again….She asked him , then why he didn’t tell her about leaving .He said that, he knows he has done wrong with you and you might not want to forgive me and see my face ever again….She replied that, you made your assumptions on your own , you don’t have any idea how much i missed you since then and was waiting for this moment to come……I have loved you from the day i saw you first and has been kept loving and missed you till date ….THEY BOTH SHARE A ROMANTIC MOMENT ….And played their roles for romeo and Juliet…

After the celebration ended both decided to continue their relationship as long distance relationship And promised to call each other every single day no matter how much tired they are and kept missing each other ….Esme went to the airport to see him off and her teary eyes were restricting Tristan to go but she make him believe that she will wait for him to return and pursue their lives together after that

…. After 3 years of long distance relationship , they both meet again …Esme went to the airport to receive and surprise him ,he was so happy to see her after such a long time and hugged her tightly ….He suddenly saw a book (NOVEL) in her hand and said , I HAVE SEEN THIS BOOK BEFORE , SHE SAID , SHE USED TO READ THIS IN SCHOOL LIBRARY AND ONCE WAS ABOUT TO LOOSE IT BY MISTAKENLY FORGETTING IT IN THE LIBRARY ,THEN A BOY DELIVERED IT BACK TO HER , SHE WANT TO THANK THAT PERSON BUT WAS NOT ABLE TO FIND HIM, SHE EVEN ENQUIRED ABOUT HIM TO THE LIBRARIAN BUT HE ONLY KNOWS THAT HE WAS A SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT AND NOTHING ELSE …TRISTAN SMILED AND ASKED WAS THERE ANY NOTE ATTACHED TO IT WHEN YOU RECEIVED THIS BOOK , SHE REPLIED ,’YES’ BUT HOW DID YOU KNOW ….Tristan then asked her if by any chance to got to meet him then how would you like to thank him ..She replied ,’ i will treat him a meal ‘ ,,Tristan replied do you know my favorite food , she was about to reply but stopped and looked strangely towards him, stating , ‘ IT WAS YOU’ …They both laughed and think how destiny played it’s role in uniting and reuniting them……



Walk Down Youth Lane….part 3

A sound thinking about the boy sitting beside dorm window , Little Bumpkin spends her night and awaits the next morning …The sun rises with the shine on watery leaves and brightness on her face . As usual she went to school on time and did her classroom duties with sincerity and holds her breathe deeply and starts her day with literature lecture , Now she was waiting for the 2 things . Firstly, to see her surprise test result and Secondly , to meet the boy after school. This time she was so determined t meet him today positively.After recess was the lecture of arithmetic and all were eagerly waiting for the results , the teacher started to distribute the results and with rest of the students Little bumpkin got her results too, the marks her beyond her imagination , she was so surprised and now was waiting for the meeting ….. At the end of the school her in-charge gave her some task to complete , and to write one welcoming speech for the school assembly . She nodded and walked away towards the library.

There she waited for the boy , with her test results and with a lot of excitement .. The boy reaches and meet the girl .. When Little Bumpkin saw him standing she smiled with excitement and said ,’FINALLY YOU ARE HERE’. The boy looked at her with normal expression and asked ,’what are you so happy about’. This sounds so normal to her ,but she sinked in the feeling of finally meeting him. She makes him remember about her , as she thought that he might forget her. But after introducing herself again , he replied ,’ I KNOW YOU, YOU ARE THE ONE WHOM I HELPED WITH THE TEST THE PREVIOUS DAY ‘. He them asked her about the result whether it’s good or not . She make him saw her test paper and told that it was beyond her expectation and All this was because of him. He nodded his head and asked her to sit and start the work for arithmetic without giving any remark over the test , Little Bumpkin was a slightly shocked but thinks that he might be a shy person to compliment someone . She sat and took out her stuff and they both start to study for the exam . During the time the boy was writing over her register with her pen , she was more and more in love with him , she actually doesn’t know how he feels about her but now she wants to see him everyday .. His face and voice are so well – proportioned and ample that it’s hard for her to took off her eyes. Every time he makes a slight hit on her head to concentrate she felt head-over-heels for him…After he was done with some portion of the chapter , he asked he to solve some questions for him . she came back to her senses and nodded her head.. She started to solve the questions for him and was done after 10 mins ..The boy says ,’ LET’S CALL IT A DAY FOR NOW , REST WE WILL DO TOMORROW’. After saying this , they were about to leave , but suddenly she asked him to stop and stated ,’ CAN I ASK FOR YOUR NAME AND GRADE’,. He first took a second and then replied her back stating,’ IT’S Tristan’. SHE REPLIED HIM,’ I’M ESME .. After saying his name he left and Little Bumpkin wondered ,why he hasn’t told his grade .. But for now she was happy to know at-least his name. While she was returning from library to her dormitory , Rain starts and she hurried . It just took a stare for her to recognize Tristan standing around cycle rack , imposing appearance suggestive of pleasing looks . She stands still looking at him without a blink as his beauty was beyond her expectation . As now she has feelings for him , she just want to stare him like this for whole time , but he left. She also returned to her dorm all wet and lost in thoughts of him. The other roommates immediately approached her with towel and warm water for so that she do not catch cold . The girls questioned her about being late , Little bumpkin answered them , that she was having some extra work given by teacher … The girls went back to their work as usual and Esme kept thinking about him and the rain scene she saw earlier .. Soon she started to sneeze and cough , the mates understood that she has caught cold and asked her to rest and took a day off , but Esme denied and determined to go to school .. The mates for the time being asked her to rest and sleep after they gave her cold medicine … Esme had a sound sleep and wakes up next morning because of medicine … She hurriedly took the watch to see time and rushed to the school , knowing that she had fever ..Just to not to miss any chance to see him …. She spent whole day in school and after that when she reached library , Tristan was already siting there with his books and he didn’t know that she had arrived .. When Esme sneezed , then he looked up and said ,’ BLESS YOU ‘ . She sat opposite to him and asked him whether they should start the work .. Tristan for the first time noticed her face , which was pale and flushed , looking like she had high fever . He touched her head with his one hand and placed other hand on his forehead estimate the temperature. And it turned out to be high this time . He asked her to return to her room and rest , but she denied and asked to start . she held her hand asked to do as he says ..This time Tristan shows concern for her and he took her to the dormitory gate .. He asked her to rest well and take medicine on time and to only come to school if she feels better ..She smiled him back and thanked him for helping her .. He also smiled and ask her to leave first . she get inside and then he left …Seeing his concern for her she felt some relief and gets happy …

The next day she was not able to attend the school as she has high fever . When she didn’t attended her class with Tristan , he felt that she might be having bad health and and showed concern by reaching her dorm gate . He waited for the first time for a girl outside the dormitory but left after sometime , he couldn’t understand why he went there for no reason but just to see her once , to know how she is.. He left confused ....Esme on the other hand felt somehow better after taking nap and medicine and starts to prepare to go to school next day … She was genuine about her feelings for him, but also know that she has to concentrate on her studies .

Next day she normally went to the school and handover leave application stating the reason for not attending school the previous day .. she started her day with lectures and performing her duties but was little coughing .. she took medicine and kept working … After her day ends with school , she went to library where she finds Tristan siting with his usual books not knowing that those were scholarship test preparing books.. This time Tristan was also waiting for her to come so that he could be able to know how she is…. On reaching he asked her how is she feeling now.. She stated ,’ I’M FEELING MUCH BETTER’. He asked her,’ SHALL WE START’ (SPEAKING NICELY) . She felt so good seeing his concerned side .. They started to work and revise what they learnt days back ….While doing revision , Esme coughed . Tristan immediately looked up at her face and asked if she is okay .. Or she needs something .She replied and said ,’ I’m fine it’s just little coughing’. He brings some water to her and asked to take medicine if she has .. she took her medicine and both get back to work .. Finally they completed some portion for exam and closed their work for the day …While they both were about to leave , Tristan said ,’ I will not be able to teach you for some days ,as he has some important work to do .. She said ,’ Then when will we be having our next meet , oh i mean when you will be here to teach ‘ .He replied that after next weekend . Esme got upset as their next meet will be after 5 days .. They both left but in vain….